Playing PC games on the move is an attractive proposition, and now is a decent time to buy a gaming laptop. Nvidia’s new mid-range RTX 40-series desktop GPUs will be here early next year, but its 40-series laptop GPUs won’t be available until sometime later, so an RTX 30-series mobile chip shouldn’t immediately feel out-of-date. (Don’t bother with an RTX 20-series laptop at this point, though.) This is also the time of year when everything goes on sale, starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In anticipation of the sales and gift giving season, we’ve collected some of our favorite gaming laptops here. This article was produced with support from Intel. We like Intel’s mobile CPUs and the laptops we’ve selected here include them, but for more recommendations, including some AMD builds, see our guide to the best gaming laptops. This list includes a larger variety of laptops, all with specs that we favor—enough memory and SSD storage to be viable gaming machines, good screens with refresh rates as high as 360Hz, and good graphics processors to drive them. 

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