Who doesn’t love games, whether it’s racing games, dressing games, cooking games, or even puzzles? Each genre of games has its own audience, isn’t it? If you like puzzles, then games like Connections Nyt must be on your bucket list.

The Connections NYT is an exciting word game by the New York Times. Basically, it’s a daily game where players have to find the common threads between different words. Connections NYT is a strategic game that requires attention, as it’s not about guessing only but minimizing the mistakes, too. Sounds interesting, right? Well, that’s the reason why it is already so popular all around the world.

How To Play Connections Nyt

Before jumping onto games like Connections NYT, let’s have a glance at how to ace this game. Well, that’s pretty simple and easy if you play the game step by step carefully. In the Connections game, you will be given a total of 16 words where you have to make 4 groups of 4 words. You need to group the words on their similarities, like words with common threads in one group.

Seems easy, right, but here’s the catch: You can only make 4 mistakes, which also means that you have 4 chances only. So, you need to be strategic and well–planned to find the common thread between words correctly. Hence, a step-by-step guide on how to play Connections NYT is a must.  So, let’s break the game-winning strategy into simple parts.

Firstly, you need to read all the words and try to understand each word. Also, think about their relation to each other as well as to the Connections NYT game. If some words are difficult to understand, you can get help from Google to get their meaning. Now that you know the meaning of all words try to find out the common thread.

In the Connections NYT game, there is always a theme that connects all the words that you have to identify. Here, you need to brainstorm a little to find out the relation between words or how they are connected.

The game is pretty simple once you have got the common thread. Then, you just need to pick your answers and form a group. To know the results, press the Submit button and check your answers.


If you love games like Connections NYT, then you should get your hands on PuzzGrid. It is an amazing game that makes you hooked to your seat all the time whenever you play.  Well, you can guess from the name itself that this game is about some puzzles. That’s right, PuzzGrid is a game in which you will play with grid puzzles. PuzzGrid has earned its fame all over the world and took inspiration from Only Connect.

games like connections nyt
Credit: Puzzgrid

There are many reasons why people are fond of PuzzGrid and love to play this game. PuzzGrid is a gaming platform that comes with tonnes of gaming options. As a user, you can choose an option for your play from in–built grids or from the user–generated grids. This feature makes this game evergreen and interesting because user–generated grids are unique and challenging indeed.

In the PuzzGrid game, you need to find the number of groups and connected words. However, like the Connections NYT in this game, you will get a timing under which you have to solve the puzzle.

If you are choosing from a user–generated puzzle, then you will get different timings as customized by the maker. PuzzGrid is a simple yet robust game that never fails to amaze players and keep challenging their gaming spirit.


If you are looking for games like Connections NYT, then this game is worth your consideration. Wordle is an interesting word game that has millions of players worldwide. Like Connections NYT, Wordle is also launched by the New York Times and tests your vocabulary. It is available in different languages like English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Indonesian, just to count a few.

This makes Wordle a popular game choice for even those people who are not good with English. Also, if you are learning other languages, then this game can help you to improve your vocabulary of that language.

So we can say that Wordle is a very useful and exciting game to play in your free time on the go. Now, let’s have a look at how to play the Wordle game. 

games like connections nyt
Credit: Wordle

To start the game, first, you have to type a word. Then, you have to guess the correct letters for your target word. Whenever you guess the correct letters in the right place, the letters will become green. However, if you have guessed the right letters, but they are in the wrong place, then they will turn yellow. In case of a wrong guess, the letters will turn grey, and you have only 6 chances to guess the word.

That means you will have only 6 attempts to guess the letters and complete the target word. Now, if you want more fun in the game, then you can increase the length of words.

For instance, you can choose a word length from 4-letter words to 11-letter words. Also, you can generate Wordle puzzles and share them with your friends. For kids, Wordle has a different format game to boost their memory and logical thinking. This ensures the healthy development of your child’s brain.  

Red Herring

Another game that we can include in the category of games like Connections nyt is Red Herring. This game is popular all across the world, and people from all age groups love it. Do you know the reason why? Well, that’s not hard to guess if you have played this game before. And if not, then you should know about that first so that you will have a clear idea about the game.

Red Herring is a game that offers word games, trivia challenges, and logic puzzles to the players. Like other games that we have discussed so far, in this game, too, you have to group words. Sounds simple and even boring, right, but in reality, it’s not. To make this game challenging for players, developers have added one interesting element.

games like connections nyt
Credit: Red Herrings

And that when you try to group words on their similarities, some similar-sounding words will appear in front of you. These words are known as the “Red Herrings,” which are just to confuse you. In the red herrings game, you will have a total of 16 terms, where you need to categorize 12 words into 3 divisions. The remaining 4 terms will be there to mislead you.

Spelling Bee

If you truly love word games, then you can’t afford to miss this amazing game out of your bucket list. Spelling Bee is an exciting game, which at first seems dull. However, when you dive into it, you will see that it’s not the case. Spelling Bee is a game by the New York Times, and you can play this game on the NYT app or directly through your web browser. At first, this may seem a bit childish, but anyone can play this game. 

In the Spelling Bee game, you will have 7 letters, and you have to make words from those letters. Unlike other games, Spelling Bee is unique in many ways. For instance, in this game, you will have 7 letters to form a meaningful word that is not vulgar or absurd. Also, your word must contain at least 4 letters, with a center letter as given by the game.

games like connections nyt
Credit: Spelling Bee

You can repeat letters to make a word; however, you can’t use proper nouns or hyphens. In addition, you will get 1 point for making four-letter words. For five letter words, you will be given 1 point more for each letter. And if you can make a pangram, which is a word with all seven letters, then you will get a bonus of 7 points. Thus, in this way, you can work on yourself to achieve more points. 

Using these rules, you have to make as many words as you can using the seven letters that are given. To make this game more fun, every day, you will get a new set of 7 letters so that you can start afresh.


Dordle is also one of the games like Connections nyt that you can play to boost your English vocabulary. It is very much similar to the Wordle game. However, there is a difference between both. In the Wordle game, you have to identify only one word, but in the Dordle game, you need to guess two words. This unique feature makes Dordle a bit more exciting than Wordle and challenges the players.

In the Dordle game, you will have two playing modes, one Free Dordle and another Daily Dordle. Both are the same in playing, but in the free Dordle, you will get a new puzzle every time you start a new game. In the Daily Dordle, you will have one entire day to complete your puzzle, and you will get a new one only the next day. This mode is particularly advised if you are having a hard puzzle and need time to think.

games like connections nyt
Credit: Dordle

In the Dordle game, you will get two grids of 6×5. To start the game, you have to enter any 5-letter word. Now, when you have guessed a letter of the word, you will get letter clues. You will only have 7 chances in the game.

To indicate your guessing as right or wrong, Dordle uses different colors. If the letters are green, then they are at the right place in the target word. If they are yellow, then the letters are in the target word, however, at the wrong place.

When your guessed letter turns grey, then it indicates that the letter is not in the target word. So, you need to make wise and calculated moves to solve the mystery of words and win the game.

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Slither Link

If you are more of a maths puzzles person rather than a word game person, then this game is just for you. Slither Link is a perfect fit for games like Connections nyt and is well known as Fences or Loopy.

Slither Link is a logical puzzle based on digits and matching developed by Nikoli, a Japanese publisher.  When it was launched in the year 1989, it appeared in the paper magazine named Puzzle Communication Nikoli.

At that time, it had a different format, and there were no hard and fast rules for playing. However, with time, the rules, as well as the format of the game, have undergone several changes. However, the objective of the game has remained intact, just like before.

games like connections nyt
Credit: Slither Link

Now, Slither Link is even available in the form of video games on several platforms with different structures and rules. To its core, Slither Link is one of the games like Connections nyt and is a logic–based puzzle.

Slither Link has easy rules but hard solutions and has a pinch of detailed gameplay that sometimes can be overwhelming. The game is simple; you have to create a single loop on the rectangular or square lattice of dots.

To carry forward the game, you will have numerical hints. If you are a beginner, then you can even get automatic coloring clues. However, if you want to make the puzzle more interesting and challenging, then you can turn off the hints. While you play along to create a loop, you will create different shapes like mixed grids, pentagons, or hexagons. Moreover, as the game goes on, the challenges will become tougher.  

Slither Link is a classical game that is available in various formats and has rules according to the games. In this game, you will come across various challenges that at first seem easy. However, if you dive deep, then you will see that this simple game can be so much more complicated.


Who doesn’t know Sudoku, especially if you have been playing puzzles since your childhood? If any game can make you nostalgic about your good old days, then this is that game. However, you might be thinking about how it is one of the games like Connections nyt. Well, that’s not a tough question to answer if you have played this earlier.

Sudoku is a Japanese game that is based on logical reasoning and the placing of numbers. The only difference is that Sudoku uses digits, while other games in the list use words. As per the classical format in the Sudoku game, you will be given a grid of 9×9 columns and rows. Now, your task is to fill the rows, columns, and 3×3 sections of the grid from digits 1 to 9.

games like connections nyt
Credit: Sudoku

While some digits are provided, you need to complete the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. You have to do this in a manner that every digit occurs at once, and there is no repetition.

For this game, you don’t need any advanced level knowledge of maths or calculations. And unlike other word games, you also don’t need a strong vocabulary. You just need a sharp brain and good concentration to solve the puzzle. So you can just start playing the game right away.

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