Spell Name Spell Effect Animal Friendship Prevent an animal from attacking you within 18 meters. Requires a Wisdom Save. Armour of Agathys Gain five Temporary hit points, and unleash Cold damage against any foe that hits you while this spell is in effect. Arms of Hadar Unleash large tendrils that do 2d6 Necrotic damage, and prevent targets from performing Reactions. Bane Target four enemies, and they receive a -1d4 to their next Attack or Saving Rolls. Bless Target three allies, and they receive +1d4 to their Attack or Saving Rolls for 10 turns. Requires Concentration. Burning Hands Fire flames from your character’s hands up to 5 meters away, dealing 3d6 Fire damage. Requires a Dexterity Save. Charm Person Target someone and gain an Advantage on Charisma Checks while in dialogue. Lasts for 10 turns, and requires a Wisdom saving throw. Chromatic Orb: Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Poison, or Thunder Throw out a Chromatic Orb that deals 3d8 Thunder damage, or 2d8 Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Poison target to a set area. Colour Spray Target forest within 5 meters away, and potentially blind them, and damage them for a total of 33 Hit Points. Command (Halt) Force a target to flee from you, stop moving, move closer, or drop their weapon. Requires a Wisdom Save. Compelled Duel Force a target to duel your character. Requires a Wisdom Save and Concentration. Create or Destroy Water Call forth rain in a set area, or remove watch from that area. Cure Wounds Heal a target for 1d8 + a Spellcaster’s Modifier. Must be in Melee Range. Disguise Self Change your character’s appearance until their next Long Rest, or the spell goes away. Dissonant Whispers Unleash powerful whispers on a target, dealing 3d6 Psychic damage. Potentially frighten them. Requires a Wisdom Save. Divine Favour Embue a weapon with a 1d4 Radiant Damage for three turns. Requires Concentration. Ensnaring Strike Fire out a thorny vine, potentially Ensaring a target. Requires a Strength save, and Concentration. Entangle Create vines underneath a target and potentially Entangle them, stopping them from moving. Lasts for 10 turns, requires a Strength save, and Concentration. Expeditious Retreat Gain Dash immediately and a bonus action at the end of each turn until the spell ends. Lasts until Long Rest, and requires Concentration. Faerie Fire Create a specific area with Faerie Fire, preventing Invisibility, and have Advantage on Attack Rolls against targets. Lasts for 10 turns and requires Concentration. False Life Gain 7 Temporary Hit Points until your next Long Rest. Feather Fall Gain Falling Immunity for 10 turns. Find Familiar: Cat, Crab, Frog, Imp, Quasit, Rat, or Raven Summon a Familiar to use as a companion. Fog Cloud Create a large cloud that blinds characters within it, but heavily obscures them. Lasts for 10 turns and requires Concentration. Goodberry Create a Goodberry in a character’s inventory that they can eat for 4d4 Healing. Grease Cover the ground with Grease, potentially causing characters to fall. Requires a Dexterity Save. Guiding Bolt Throw a beam of light at a character, giving Advantage to the next Attack Roll made against them. Does 4d6 Radiant damage. Hail of Thorns Unleash a volley of thorns on a target, dealing Weapon Damage, plus 1d10 Piercing damage against them. Thorns still go off even if the attack misses, and requires a Dexterity Save. Healing Word Grant 1d4 + Spellcaster’s Modifier to a creature they see within 18 meters. Hellish Rebuke When attacked, as a reaction, a target can unleash 2d10 Fire damage to a target. Heroism Make a target immune to being Frightened, and gain 5 Temporary hitpoints. Requires Concentration. Hex Curse a creature with Hex and it will have a Disadvantage on a specific Ability Checks of your choosing. May deal 1d6 Necrotic damage depending on the Ability chosen. Hunter’s Mark Mark a specific target. When you hit that target with a Weapon Attack, there’s a chance to deal 1d6 Slashing Damage on top of the Weapon Damage. Requires Concentration. Ice Knife Throw an Ice Knife at a target that deals 1d10 Piercing Damage and 2d6 Cold Damage. Creates an Ice Surface, and requires a Dexterity Save. Inflict Wounds Unleash 3d10 Necrotic damage to a target in Melee range. Enhance Leap Increase a user’s jumping distance by three times the normal amount for 10 turns. Longstrider Increase a target’s speed by 3 meters until their next Long Rest. Lunar Mend While in Wild Shape, use a Spell Slot to heal. Mage Armour Increase a character’s Armour Class to 13 + their Dexterity Modifier until their next Long Rest. Magic Missile Unleash three magical darts on one, or several targets that each deal 1d4 Force Damage. Protection from Good and Evil Protect a chosen ally from Aberrations, Celestials, Elementals, Fey, Fiends, and Undead targets. The target can also not be Charmed, Frightened, or possessed by these foes. Ray of Sickness Unleash 2d8 Poison damage to a target within 18 Meters. Requires a Constitution Save. Sanctuary Target an ally, and yourself, and prevent any enemies from targeting you. These effects go away should you or your target attack a foe. Searing Smite Deal an additional 1d6 Fire damage to a target, setting them on fire. They take 1d6 Fire Damage each turn. Requires Concentration. Shield Increase your Armour Class by 5 right before you’re about to be hit. Shield of Faith Increase a target’s Armour Class by 2 for 2 turns. Requires Concentration. Sleep Cause a target to fall asleep. Speak with Animals Understand and communicate with animals until your next Long Rest. Tasha’s Hideous Laughter Target an enemy and cause them to fall prone, laughing for 10 turns. Requires a Wisdom Save, and Concentration. Thunderous Smite Unleash an attack that does 2d6 Thunder damage, pushing a target away and potentially causing them to go prone. Requires a Strength Save. Thunderwave Call out a force of 2d8 Thunder damage, pushing enemies away from you. Requires a Constitution Save. Wrathful Smite Deal 1d6 Psychic damage to a target, and potentially frighten them. Requires a Wisdom Save, and Concentration. Witch Bolt Fire out a bolt that deals 1d12 Lightning damage. Link with the target and deal 1d12 Lightning Damage each turn should you reactivate it. Requires an Attack Roll, and Concentration.

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