Blue Lock chapter 229 spoilers & raw scan have leaked on the internet, which shows us the Ubers’ celebration after Barou’s goal and also a back story of Snuffy and his friend. And on the other hand, Isagi is still frustrated by the fact that Barou outmatched him.

Blue Lock manga has finally returned after a week’s break and hit us with an emotional chapter. Chapter 229 really teaches us a lot and gives an important life lesson.

From what I learned from this chapter, we should not get drowned by our success. And if we make a dream, we should work hard enough to achieve it.

Well, you will not get what I’m trying to say, but you will definitely get it once you read the spoilers. So let’s not waste any more time and get right to the spoiler section.

Blue Lock Chapter 229 Spoilers
Barou | Blue Lock (Credits: Thetwohornedone on Twitter)

Blue Lock Chapter 229 Spoilers & Raw Scans

The chapter continues after Barou tied the match by scoring a goal in the previous chapter. Snuffy thinks this is the awakening of the brat who ignores his design. We then see a back story from the days when Snuffy and his friend, Mick, were best friends.

When Snuffy enters Mick’s room, he sees Mick lying on the floor, lifeless (dead). We then see another back of Snuffy and Mick when they used to play together.

Mick tells Snuffy that they are the best and that he is the genius chosen by God. On the field, it seems like Mick and Snuffy were partnered up by their coach. 

Mick asks Snuffy what he is and tells the couch that he doesn’t need a partner who is just big. Snuffy asks his coach if it is true that he and Mick (referring to as stupid face midget) are getting a new combo. Their coach shouts at them for complaining and to focus on training.

Snuffy and Mick Downfall!

After that, in a match, they scored their first goal by partnering up. They were doing quite well as partners, and they even won a championship final by working together.

However, their success hit them very hard, and they used to spend more time enjoying than training. And Mick becomes quite a heavy drunker.

After their downfall, Snuffy went to meet Mick to discuss the matter with him. Snuffy tells him that they have been removed from the regulars since they didn’t do well in the last season, so they kind of deserve it.

Mick laughs and asks Snuffy f they should get serious. Snuffy tells him that it is impossible for them to continue playing in the current team since they have broken their trust, so they should start from the starch with a low-ranking team. However, Mick doesn’t agree with Snuffy. He tells Snuffy that they are kings and that he is only interested in big clubs.

The End of Dreams!

Snuffy lectures Mick to get serious for himself. He tells Mick that football is a fast-changing world. Someone who was nobody becomes a star overnight, and they have become the complete opposite.

Mick seriously asks Snuffy then what they should do about their dream of conquering five major leagues since they have only one so far.

Snuffy tells him that they should give up on that dream now and think again about it when the time comes. Mick gets angry with Snuffy and tells him to get lost if he can’t dream the same dream as his by calling him an underdog.

Mick tells him that he won’t change his way of life and gives him advice that innovation always starts with a damn brat’s dream. When then, a scene from the being of the chapter where Mick by dead on the ground. Snuffy hugged his lifeless friend while crying.

Ubers Celebrating Barou’s Goal!

The story then shifts to the present time, where we see Ubers celebrating Barou’s goal. Snuffy congratulates Barou for scoring a goal. He tells Barou that this kind of goal isn’t his design and it is his ego’s win.

Barou tells Snuffy that he doesn’t need his praise. He asks Snuffy if he is going to win the five leagues, fulfill his dream of his dead friend, and retire as a wise adult. So Baoru tells Snuffy to withdraw his retirement since he hasn’t settled with him yet.

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