This episode begins with Miyo attempting to get closure. She’s still in the same room as the end of last episode, with Kiyoka and Yurie. She asks if her family is all right, and Kiyoka says they’re fine, they’ve just relocated since the entire house was burnt down. We also learn that Kaya will be sent to work as a servant for awhile. Good riddance.

my happy marriage episode 7 review 0006 miyo frown
Miyo frowning at the news

But Miyo makes a request to go see the ruined state of the home. Accompanied by Kiyoka, they go and Miyo sees the wreckage. She sees the tree stump that we’ve been seeing the entire series, and she explains that the tree was planted the day her father and her mother originally got married, and cut down when she died. She touches the tree stump, and some sort of pulse echoes from it. She gets startled and pulls her hand away. The tree stump then disintegrates.

my happy marriage episode 7 review 0005 miyo scared tree stump
Miyo shocked at the stump

We see Kouji coming in to see the wreckage too (or maybe to meet Miyo?) and he asks if he could talk with her for awhile. He asks if Miyo remembers in Episode 1, in the rain, when he was about to tell her “something”. We can assume that it was a confession. Miyo tells him that she doesn’t remember, and so Kouji folds, and doesn’t confess to her. He instead says that he’s going away for awhile to train his supernatural abilities at a school of some sort, so he can protect those around him.

my happy marriage episode 7 review 0004 kouji smile
Kouji’s arc ending

Our next major sequences involves Kiyoka and Miyo’s marriage. Kiyoka and Miyo make the final arrangements to finalize their engagement — to do this, they simply fill out a small form. It’s evident that Kiyoka is hopelessly in love with Miyo at this point, and it’s super cute.

my happy marriage episode 7 review 0003 kiyoka and miyo smile
Miyo and Kiyoka finalizing their marriage

Kiyoka has an older sister, Hazuki. Hazuki is more of a “modern” woman, and has come at Kiyoka’s request. Miyo has stated before that she wants to be more “proper” since she wasn’t trained alongside Kaya as a child, and so he’s brought the help of Hazuki to teach her.

my happy marriage episode 7 review 0002 hazuki kudo
Hazuki Kudo (or Kudou, not sure how it’s being spelled)

Hazuki and Miyo seem to get along quite well, since Hazuki finds her absolutely adorable. They make a date, to attend a party, as a sort of “out-on-the-field” goal to achieve. Miyo is nervous but is determined to go.

my happy marriage episode 7 review 0001 hazuki hug miyo
Hazuki obsessing over Miyo

At the tail end of this episode, we see a few different scenes that showcase what the remainder of the season will be about. Firstly, despite Kaya and the rest of the Saimori family no longer interfering, Miyo is still having nightmares. Secondly, we see some sort of seal being broken, and a bunch of creatures emerge from it. Kiyoka gets notified of this at his job, and it seems like a big deal. Thirdly, some random dude looks out the window and says “We’re coming for you, Miyo.”

my happy marriage episode 7 review 0000 random guy
This random dude

Opinions / Analysis

That end of the episode went way too fast, and too much information was ham-fisted into there.

We know this has something to do with the Usuba bloodline, but it’s difficult to get a grasp on the general feel. Is the Usuba bloodline hated? Loved? Feared? A mix of all of them? I have no freakin’ clue. Right now they seem like the bad guys, but Miyo’s mother didn’t seem all that bad.

I’m sure we’ll get more information as time goes on, but there’s a fine line between “keeping the mystery” and “having no freakin’ clue what’s going on”.

Regardless, seeing Miyo and Kiyoka together this episode was pretty cute.

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