undead murder farce episode 8 a
Moriarty Explains His Vision Together With Victor

The Penultimate Night arc finally arrives at its climax as Fogg’s mansion is filled with chaos and fights all over the place before the mastermind behind the savage attack shows up and explains his group’s motives and ambition.

Mess to Its Max

undead murder farce episode 8 b
Shizuku VS Carmilla

Continuing and wrapping up all of the mess from the previous episode, this time the battles are finally ended in a shocking nature. While all of the fights might be short, all of them are well-choreographed and the stakes between the two conflicting sides are heavy. Added to the property damages at the mansion, the whole messy situation can be felt in total pandemonium.

undead murder farce episode 8 c
Holmes & Watson Try to Shoot Down Crowley

Seeing Shizuku deal with Carmilla’s aphrodisiac, Holmes using his gun, Reynold getting slammed by a piano, or Erik manipulating sound and darkness around him is such a spectacle that keeps this mystery series feeling astonishing and thrilling.

The Real-Life Ripping Chimera

undead murder farce episode 8 d
Jack the Ripper Kills Fatima

As many viewers have guessed, the red-haired young man named Jack is no other than the famous Jack the Ripper. While his powers might be extremely shocking already as he literally cuts down Fatima and overpowers Tsugaru, the dread is nothing compared to his existence as the first successfully experimented chimera alive.

undead murder farce episode 8 e
Jack is The Result of The Combination Between an Immortal & an Oni

It is still mindblowing to think that Jack the Ripper, a frightening serial killer who has been transformed into a fictional character so many times can still get a new treatment by this series. It adds to the terror as everything of him is the result of a laboratory experiment that mixes him with various cells of supernatural creatures on the planet, and as if all that he possesses is not enough, he still wants to add the cells of werewolves inside of him.

Motives of The Banquet

The man behind all of the evils finally shows up! The “professor” with an M letter on his cane turns out to be Holmes’ nemesis, James Moriarty. The man leads his own supernatural bandit group called “Banquet” which aims to find and collect cells from many supernatural creatures to feed them to his apprentice, Jack the Ripper.

undead murder farce episode 8 h
Moriarty Experimented Jack’s Body

Who could have thought that Moriarty and Jack the Ripper could be blended into one story, and even work together to achieve their wicked and twisted ambition? It is amazing to imagine that the ultimate villain in this series has a direct connection to Sherlock Holmes and our two detectives who became victims of his unholy experiment.

undead murder farce episode 8 f
Tsugaru Secretly Succeeds in Retrieving The Diamond

In the end, although the Banquet successfully breaks in and wreaks havoc inside of the mansion, their goal to capture the Penultimate Night diamond only exists in a dream as Tsugaru uses his instinct and ability to retrieve the diamond, which leads to a new chapter to find the hideout of the werewolves.

Final Verdict

undead murder farce episode 8 g
The Cryptic Code Inside the Diamond is Investigated

Another unpredictable spectacular plot is presented in this episode with the whole revelation of Banquet and the chaotic actions inside the mansion. Finally learning the threat and existence of Moriarty’s small bandit group adds new spice to the story. The action is extremely amusing with the mix of supernatural elements, and the small pieces of the mystery element are also intriguing.

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