The following contains spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty’s Season 2 finale, “Love Triangle,” which aired on Aug. 18 on Prime Video.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a coming-of-age story that follows Isabel “Belly” Conklin (Lola Tung) as she discovers herself. She also experiences love for the first time, as well as heartbreak, loss and grief. And that leads to her getting caught in a love triangle with two brothers, Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), who she often has to choose between them.

The show has just released its Season 2 finale — and it truly hit the pinnacle of its romance between Belly, Jeremiah and Conrad. The seventh episode of the season hinted at the person Belly ended up with as she kissed Jeremiah. But after eight episodes filled with heartbreak, plenty of Taylor Swift songs, indecision, angst and anticipation, the audience finally got to find out which of the two Fisher brothers Belly she will be with — for now.

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What Happens With Belly and Conrad?

Belly and Conrad at Prom in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2

The Summer I Turned Pretty‘s second season starts with Belly daydreaming about her and Conrad. The first season’s finale showed them sharing their first kiss, ending on a happy note. As it turns out, that was far from reality because the two broke up. A big part of the season goes back and forth between the present day and the last few months, bringing the audience up to date with what happened between Conrad and Belly since last summer, including their breakup and Savannah’s tragic passing from cancer.

The flashbacks show that Belly and Conrad were happy in the beginning, with them sneaking around and even visiting Cousins Beach in winter. But the pressure of his mom’s illness has Conrad pulling away from Belly, and their relationship reaches its end at Belly’s prom. Despite their dramatic breakup and misunderstanding at Savannah’s funeral, Belly doesn’t think twice when Jeremiah tells her Conrad is missing, and she goes to Brown to find him. The entire season has the two on edge, with Conrad looking hopeful about getting together. Meanwhile, Belly pulls further apart.

The eighth episode, fittingly titled “Love Triangle,” shows the aftermath of Conrad catching Belly and Jeremiah kissing, several intense conversations and their awkward journey to take Belly home. The trio is stuck in a motel after a flood warning, with Jeremiah pushing Conrad to admit his feelings for Belly, telling him he won’t stay in the way this time. Although he does that during the night, he takes it back in the morning, telling her they’re just friends. That seals the deal for Belly, who narrates the incident, admitting that she is finally evicting him from her heart.

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Who Does Belly Choose Between Conrad and Jeremiah?

Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah Sharing a Motel Room in The Summer I Turned Pretty's Finale

Even from the first episode of Season 1, the audience knows exactly who Belly’s heart belongs to: Conrad. After growing into a young woman, Conrad finally notices her in the summer she turns 16, but her heart has been set on him for years, even though she never addressed her feelings. Trying to get over him, she ends up dating Cameron before deciding to finally tell Conrad that she’s in love with him.

In the midst of it all, Conrad’s brother, Jeremiah, decides to confess his love for Belly. At first, it comes as a shock, but Belly seems to entertain the idea because Jeremiah is reliable and a safe choice. The two share a few kisses, and he is the one that gets to take her to the debutante ball, but the moment Conrad reveals he feels the same way, Belly goes all in, creating a big rift between the three of them. Jeremiah continues to be cautious with Belly until halfway through Season 2, as she becomes more and more determined to pursue him.

The seventh episode, “Love Affair,” focuses on Belly, Jeremiah and Steven helping Conrad study for his finals. But it ends with Jeremiah and Belly kissing right as Conrad comes back from his exam. Unlike Season 1, Jeremiah insists that he would understand if Belly chooses his brother again and that he won’t be mad and ghost her anymore. But in the eighth episode, Belly seems more certain than ever that the one she wants is Jeremiah, and she doesn’t change her mind even with Conrad’s midnight confession. In the end, Conrad leaves for Cousin Beach with the promise of meeting up for the Fourth of July, with Jeremiah driving Belly to her volleyball camp, scoring one big point for the Team Jeremiah fans.

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Are Belly and Jeremiah Endgame Material?

Belly and Jeremiah in Season 2 of Prime Video's The Summer I Turned Pretty

Season 2 of Prime Video’s The Summer I Turned Pretty ended with Jeremiah and Belly getting together, but that doesn’t make them a perfect fit. In the past, Belly only went for Jeremiah because Conrad was unavailable. But now, she seems certain that she wants to be with Jeremiah for real. That might be partly because Conrad hurt her, and Jeremiah is offering her stability and a safer relationship. From the beginning of the series, Belly and Jeremiah seem to be getting along great. But the Team Conrad audience seems to believe the two don’t have much romantic chemistry as Belly and Conrad, and the two seem better off as friends.

Fans of the Jenny Han trilogy know that the third book starts with Belly and Jeremiah still together, enjoying life as a couple in college. The upcoming season will get a chance to explore their relationship further, letting Belly and the audience find out whether she made the right choice. However, in the book, Jeremiah also cheats on Belly, they break up, and she eventually reunites with Conrad. So far, there haven’t been many differences between the source material and the series. That means the audience can expect quite a drama-filled third season, with more angst, friendship, heartbreak and love triangles as Belly and Jeremiah try to make things work.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is now streaming on Prime Video.

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