The following contains spoilers for Blue Beetle, in theaters now.

The Blue Beetle movie focuses on Jaime Reyes, and though he’ll likely have further adventures across DC projects, some fans are looking to the hero’s past for future installments. The movie features several references to Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle before Jaime. With Ted established as still being alive in the DC Universe, fans are eager to see one actor in particular portray him.

Jason Sudeikis was rumored to play Ted Kord, with even the new movie’s director approving the idea. At the same time, he’s only one of the Saturday Night Live comedians who would be perfect for playing the second Blue Beetle, with Will Forte perhaps fitting the bill even better. With his particular brand of comedy and previous roles, Forte could bring the DC hero to life like no one else.

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Why Fans Want Jason Sudeikis to Play Ted Kord

Image of Jason Sudeikis and Ted Kord.

Most known for his role in the eponymous series Ted Lasso, Jason Sudeikis has become a fairly prominent comedic actor in the past decade. Ted Lasso was his biggest success so far, and the raised profile (and similar name) put him on fans’ radar to potentially play Ted Kord in the DC Universe. This resulted in a rumor that he was in the Blue Beetle movie, with many wanting to see the funny, affable actor play a hero known for his sometimes silly, down to Earth antics. Sadly, this rumor was later debunked long before the film came out. Given the nature of the movie as a Jaime Reyes vehicle, many fans wondered if Ted would even be mentioned. Thankfully, the legacy of the Blue Beetle mantle is firmly established in the movie.

In Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes is the third Blue Beetle after Dan Garrett and Ted Kord, just like in the comics. Ted mysteriously disappeared years before, leaving Kord Industries in the hands of his unscrupulous sister Victoria Kord. This made it seem like Ted was dead, which is the reason in the comics that Jaime replaced him. His fate was clarified somewhat in Blue Beetle’s post-credits scene, with a message on Ted’s computer revealing that he’s alive. Now, director Ángel Manuel Soto has come out in support of casting Sudeikis as Ted. While it would be a fan dream come true, there might be a better choice for Jaime Reyes’ mentor.

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Will Forte Would Be an Even Better Ted Kord Than Jason Sudeikis

will forte as he appears as his iconic saturday night live character, macgruber, a satirization of macgyver

Much like Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte is still largely associated with his comedic roles on Saturday Night Live. One of his most notable was as MacGruber, a parody of an action hero who had several uproarious adventures. His sketches and ensuing movie/TV show would satirize MacGyver and arguably the Mission: Impossible series, showing a somewhat more human — and humorous — take on their themes. This would fit Ted Kord perfectly, as he’s something of an Everyman superhero. He’s the only one of the three Blue Beetles to not have superpowers, instead relying on his wits and occasional dumb luck to save the day. There are also his personal issues, including his family business and weight/health problems.

This mirrors MacGruber’s constant refrain of whatever issue plagues his mind at the time, from his constant need for plastic surgery to losing money in economic ventures gone wrong. It’s that sort of silly relatability that makes Ted Kord such a lovable hero, and Will Forte would definitely fit that bill to a T due to his past performances. MacGruber is also more action-based than Ted Lasso, making the transition even easier. Thus, James Gunn should definitely consider using Will Forte in the so far not cast role of Ted Kord for future projects in the new DC Universe. The continuity of Blue Beetle is fairly amorphous, being able to fit in either the DC Extended Universe or the DC Universe. This presents the opportunity for Gunn’s reboot to pick up where Blue Beetle left off, introducing audiences to a Ted Kord who looks a lot like an SNL hero.

Blue Beetle is now playing in theaters.

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